Stok Kangri


Where is Stok Kangri?

Stok Kangri is the highest peak of the Stok Range of the Himalaya mountains located in the Hemis National Park in the Ladakh Region of North West India.

What to Expect on Stok Kangri?

At 6,153m (20182ft) it is considered to be a high altitude peak, however the mountain’s relatively non-technical terrain does make it an appealing and accessible option. As Paul Lewis of Peak Mountaineering commented, “…technical enough to be interesting and yet easy enough to be within reach of relatively inexperienced mountaineers”.

Video Footage taken on the Summit of Stok Kangri by Paul Lewis of Peak Mountaineering

What’s Involved?

Typically an expedition to Stok Kangri will encompass an acclimatisation period followed by the ascent and descent of Stok Kangri. The average time period for this is 2-3weeks in total and includes the following elements:

Travel to, and trekking in, an eastern country…

    • Citizens from the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will require an Entry Visa
    • Vaccinations will be necessary for people travelling into India
    • Mountaineering permits are required and can be applied for through the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (these are usually arranged for you on a guided expedition)

Once on Stok Kangri…

    • Trekking for consecutive days in potentially hot temperatures
    • Glacier travel including the use of ice axe and crampons
    • Operating at high altitude
    • Operating on simple, but high altitude, ridges and rocky terrain
    • If all goes to plan, incredible views from the summit and an incredible sense of achievement upon completion!

Getting there and Getting around

The Journey to Stok Kangri

    • Your Location to Delhi – by air or on wheels.
    • Delhi to Leh – by air
    • Leh to Stok Village – on wheels
    • Stok Village to Stok Kangri – on foot

Flights and Airports

Stok Kangri is but a mere stones throw from Leh which conveniently has an airport. So it’s a case of flying into Delhi and then popping on an internal flight through to Leh. You can check out what flights are available and get an idea of prices using the Skyscanner search below. If you’re considering tackling Stok Kangri with an expedition company, it’s worth checking whether or not their prices include flights though.


Public Transport and Hiring Cars

Public transport is readily available in Delhi and there are buses to and from Leh. Car hire is also feasible in both Delhi and Leh.

Average Temperatures and Climate of the Area

The temperatures and climate vary considerably between Delhi and the higher altitude town of Leh. In terms of rainfall and humidity levels, generally you can expect Leh and the rest of the Ladakh region to be significantly drier than other parts of India even during the Monsoon period (July to October).

The variation between seasons is also dramatic. For example, Leh during the Winter can experience temperatures as low as -28℃ and during the summer months the heat can soar to 33℃!

The main trekking season in Ladakh is between June and September and during those months you can expect the temperatures to range from 12℃ through to around 30℃. As you move to higher altitudes the temperatures tend to reduce, and averages between -5℃ and 20℃ are typical.

Guide Books and Maps for Stok Kangri and the Ladakh Region

Trekking in the Indian Himalaya Guide Book Ladakh Trekking MapIndian Himalaya HimalayaThe Rough Guide to India

Photos of Stok Kangri and the Surrounding Area

Have you climbed Stok Kangri or been to this region? Did you take any photos when you were there? If you have photos of the mountains or simply the surrounding area we would love to see them. Not only do we enjoy seeing snapshots of your adventures but it is also really handy for people who are yet to go to the adventure locations to get an idea of what a place is like. So if you would be happy to share your snaps then please send them in to us using the upload buttons below. Please remember to give the location and any other key details for each photo in the ‘Description’ box. The location is vital so that we can be sure to place your photos in the right gallery. Adding your name in the ‘Description’ box is also handy as it means we can give you a holler to say thanks.
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